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Naomi Campbell is stunning at 37 years old

naomi campbell

Naomi is better looking, tighter, and just killing models half her age!!!  Her is the 37 year old diva at the Miss Bikini show.  You betta walk, you fierce diva!!!!


She’s Feminine, Fat and Proud

BBW in Austrailia talking about weight, treatment of fat women, sizes, YouTube, abuse of women, and judgement of women.


Do you treat black women as precious jewels?


Another reason to slim down: Fat is bad for your heart

Well, Duh!!!!!

A new study involving more than 300,000 people finds that being overweight independently increases a person’s risk of coronary disease.

In other words, even if doctors could get an overweight person’s blood pressure and cholesterol down to normal, that patient would still be at higher heart risk.

The Dutch analysis involved data from 21 previous studies that included more than 302,000 people.

Of those people, 18,000 suffered heart events or deaths during the studies. After factoring in age, sex, physical activity levels and smoking, the team concluded that moderately overweight people had a 32 percent increased risk of heart disease and obese people an 81 percent increased risk compared to those who weren’t overweight. – US News


Men, Does this girl really have the “perfect ass”?

Doing this blog I’ve learned that the concept of ass, or booty is very very subjective. Cultural factors, point of view, etc. all influence what men is a “Great Ass”, let alone the perfect booty.

Keyra Augustina is a young girl from Argentina who is being referred to as the “Perfect Ass” girl. Her pictures are circulating the internet and she’s caused a great deal sensationalism because of her unique assetts. Most of her pictures just show her butt, with her face hidden in the dark background (you can see her face in her myspace photos). The girl known as Keyra (she does not use her real name) was a 21-year-old student at the University of Buenos Aires who posted her sexy shots on a dare, then had them stolen and spread across the globe. Keyra has been approached by several famous magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse, but unfortunately for her fans, she rejected the offers. However, she posed for Maxim magazine. From reading about this girl it all seems a lil self-proclaimed…but you can make your own judgments.

What do you guys think?




Video Model Stats Measurements

Some of these women have unreal dimensions. The key is the waist to butt (thighs) ratio.

Esther Baxter 34DD-24-40

Angel “Lola Luv” Fershgenet 34C-22-40

Veronica Rodriguez 34D-24-39

Vida Guerra 34C-25-37

Summer Walker 36DD-25-39

Vivica Rayy 34C -24 -36

Vanna Black 34C-24-34

Ki Toy Johnson 36-22-36

Buffie the Body 34-28-45


Who’s tree is this???

Is this the J Lo Tree or do you think it should be dedicated to someone else?

lopez tree