Nia Long: The Classic Girl Next Door

Actress, mother, sex symbol…men love Nia Long.  Do you have love for Nia?  Tell me why?

nia long


1 Response to “Nia Long: The Classic Girl Next Door”

  1. 1 Dee
    December 18, 2007 at 3:35 am

    Why should i have love for Nia Long ?

    Just read this blog about her it will blow your
    mind away.

    I always wanted to meet here but she likes Drug dealers
    My worse enemies ever .

    Well i guess i will never meet her in this life,But until then
    i will point the finger at :

    !!Message to all the rappers!!

    You are a disgrace to our race you fucking
    coons how dare you call our sisters bitch’s
    and holes and sluts and telling them to suck
    your dick,You mother fucker you got some damn
    nerves asshole,If i was a slave master
    i will strap your ass to a tree and strip you ass
    naked and fine me the best whip money can
    buy so i can beat your ass in the fucking rain
    while it is roaring and lighting.

    And as for you Nia You don’t have good since that GOD gave a chicken……!! NUM NUTS !!

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