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Some guys are prettier than some girls 2

I just had to revisit this topic again.  Exhibit A: Ms. B. Scott of

You must admit…this man is pretty, very very pretty.  In the first video blog I saw of him…I thought he was a woman for the first min or so.


Do you treat black women as precious jewels?



This was filmed a couple of years ago…I assume…from what people are wearing…lol.  However, it’s very funny and telling.

What do brothers think about the hairstyles  black women wear?  


They don’t like rollers
They like soft hair
They don’t like bald edges
They don’t like lint
No snot…LOL…what?!!?
No dandruff
They hate shower caps
They don’t like jerry curls
No greasy hair

Side Note: Godfrey is too funny…lol


Becky aka Buckwild…your ghetto pass is revoked for this mess!

What kind of slave auction ass, sudo-dating game mess is this. Potential Negro #1, Potential Negro #2…WTF. What white person in their right mind is going to play a dating game called “Know the Negro” and not realize that someone might be offended? I’m going to need Mo’Nique, Shay, and the chick who’s hair looked like fire and the rest of the african americans who were on Flavor of Love and Charm School to check this chick. For real.

Know the Negro…know that negroes aren’t going to be feeling this. Come on people…wake up. This is what happens when you let white folks get a little to familar with you. They can’t tell offensive stuff from fun stuff. We have to educate Whitey. It’s the only way they will learn. For the brothers who called in to the show to be the negros…damn…you know better than that man. You guys are encouraging this.

Becky aka Buckwild…do not pass GO, don’t collect $200, no more black dick for you…your hood pass is revoked. “Kick Rocks!”

Cowhead Show on 102.5, take the hoods off and listen a min. I don’t even have words to express how ignorant you are. However, I’m sure you’ll get many letters and calls from people who do have the words. Enjoy the free publicity while it lasts, bitches! Just because you are in a picture with a “negro” doesn’t mean shit to me. You know only a black radio show could have possibly gotten away with this…you can’t. Sure sure, it’s not fair and equal, but neither is racism.


Time for some sexy chocolate man candy

I’ve got to balance out all these photos of big booty and sexy women.  Here’s some chocolate man candy from my friends at HotChocolateFinder.