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Some guys are prettier than some girls 2

I just had to revisit this topic again.  Exhibit A: Ms. B. Scott of

You must admit…this man is pretty, very very pretty.  In the first video blog I saw of him…I thought he was a woman for the first min or so.


Some boys are prettier than most girls

Noah from Noah’s Ark is way prettier than a whole lot of chicks.

Shemar Moore is so much cutier than a whole lot of chicks.

I wonder, could it be that men would rather be with a handsome, fit, somewhat feminine man than to be with an unattractive woman? It’s Gay Pride Weekend here in Washington, DC, and seeing all these beautiful, fit, attractive men with other men makes me ask the question. I’m no real expert, but I’ve seen an increase in the number of gay, out, and proud men I’ve seen in this city. One trend is that they seem to be very image conscious, especially the younger ones. Men are visual, naturally.  Think about it, f you grew up in a society where the female images I came into contact with daily (mom, aunts, sister, teacher, bus driver, lunch lady, church goers, etc) don’t look meet the status quo for beauty that you’ve been taught, but the men I came into contact with more closely fit the status quo of presented on TV/Media (gym teacher, pastor, scout leader, father, superhero, anime characters, video game characters), something in me might awaken.

Let’s not get into the whole “born that way, choice, influence” debate. I’m not saying that overweight or ugly women make men gay. I’m saying that if I’m told that I should be straight and the women I see are not attractive…what do you want a man to do. Basically, it just doesn’t help. I love six packs and nice legs, and I understand if a gay brother does too. I prefer a tight body to a flabby one too. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just wonder, if women would tighten up and be as beautiful as they can…dedicate themselves to their own beauty…perhaps a couple cute fellas might switch sides. It’s just a thought.