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America’s Top Goofy Former Model

Tyra is so beautiful you almost don’t notice her crazy antics….almost.


Lil’ Mama looks like Lil’ Baby Bamma

Here’s my Lil Mama freestyle…your outfit is lame, your outfit ain’t poppin,  walking on the red carpet and all the jaws are dropping.  What you wearing B…whatcha whatcha wearing B?!?!?!?!

Obviously the worst dressed star on the red carpet last night for MTV’s VMAs was Lil Mama. She looked as good as Britney Spears performed. Terrible on both counts. I don’t know if she was trying to look like Little Bo Peep or Baby Hughey! This is not fashion. He looks like she’s a drag queen at one of those Balls…like she’s about to break out in a Vogue Battle. And the pasifier…blinged out…that’s horrible. Where is her stylist? Oh where or where has her fashion sense gone…oh where or where can it be???

lil mama

lil mama vma


VMAs: Britney Spears has a busted weave

I just saw Britney Spears on the VMAs and her weave was busted. They should have has a black weave specialist (someone that does Tyra or Vivica) do her weave for tonight’s lil special debut. The performance alone was sad…I’ve seen so so much better from Brit Pre-Kevin. Terrible lip sync’d performance, sub-standard dancing, and a really bad weave! On another note…her body looks pretty good. Not old Britney good…but good. She’s doing the White Girl Booty thing…with the lil shorts. Go Brit!!

britney spears vma


Fake Serena: Booty Impersonation

fake serena

When this pic made it’s rounds around lots of folks thought this was a shot of Serena Williams. It’s not. It’s some big booty model named Treasure. So…people are now impersonating booties…is that right. Folk are getting famous because they look like someone else from the back…huh??? Ok. This is just another testament to the influence of Black Booty.


Peeka Boo Dress: Serena and her boobs

serena boobs

This is the second time I’ve seen Serena Williams wearing something totally too sheer. What is up with her flashing her breasts in revealing stuff. Now I know she has the body. I’m not hating…she’s firm and I’m sure men love it. Serena, come on…not on the damn read carpet GIRL!!!


Booty vs. Butt. vs. Ass

I thought this was too funny.  TheBachelorBlog is a trip…lots of eye candy there guys!  lol  Ya Pervs….j/k!

Word Meaning You”d Say Celebrity Example
Booty Booties of small sizes, compact and tight. The booty of our youth. ‘Look at that Cute Little Booty’ Heather Locklear, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova
Butt Main-Stream booty. The butt women get when they mature and try to stay fit. ‘Nice Butt’ Holly Robinson Pete, Kelly Robinson,  Venus Williams , Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ass What else can you call it? Check the videos on BET if you don’t know what ass is. ‘Damn! Look at that Big Fat Ass’ Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Serena Williams

Vivica…the years of weave are catching up with your hairline

vivica fox


Vivica Fox, who turned 43 years young recently, had lunch at Ivy in Beverly Hills, but her hairline couldn’t make it.   However, it did attend her Birthday party in NYC, see below.