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Beyonce flashes audience…ta tas all out…crowd cheers!

Oh I know my male readers are going to love this. Thanks to B.Scott, the flyest gossip I know, for posting it. Check out your girls assets…until Sony or her management shut the video down that is. Beyonce…you know that dress is too much for you to be dancing, all that wind…it was bound to blow up and show em what cha got. That’s for Jay’s eyes only, girl! I love you B…do you honey!!!


Pimp C, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

Just browsing the web, I found a German Website,, (click here for the article on that website) with an interview from Pimp C of UGK.  He had some…um…not so nice things to say about a number of people in Hip Hop.  I’m not too familiar with this southern rapper, so maybe there is a reason behind all this hate…I don’t know.

Now, I know this blog is about beauty…not a hip hop blog…so let me start with what he said about being pretty.

“Pimp C on being pretty: “Get your finger out your ass and get off that old-pussy-ass sexy ass shit. All these niggas think they’re sexy. Man, keep your damn shirt on. You ain’t 50 Cent nigga. And for the record, most of you niggas are ugly and if I take the makeup off your bitch, my skin is prettier than all your hoes’ skin. My skin is pretty. My toes are pretty. I’m a young funky wild boy and I’m a sexy young muthafucker.”

Well, well, well…do the damn thing with your pretty ass then…i guess…lol.

Here’s a lil sample of what else is noted in the article:

“Pimp C on Ne-Yo: “I ain’t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay ass Ne-Yo. Licking lips and shit, nigga. Pussy dick in the booty ass nigga wearing all that gotdamn lip gloss at their video shoots and letting niggas put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo…

Pimp C on fashion: “Young ass niggas that used to be wearing gangsta clothes wearing v-neck sweaters and Argyle socks looking like Pharrell. Are you niggas metrosexual or homosexual or what? You’ve got plenty of pictures of these niggas dressing funny. Nigga, you ain’t Fonsworth Bentley, bitch! You ain’t Pharrell, nigga!”


Big Girls You are Beautiful…and you have a theme song

For “Ugly Betty” Mika has redone the song!  So so cute!


Fat March…so many things I can say

Some top fitness experts are angry over a new reality TV show called Fat March, which they say has contestants doing too much walking too fast, putting them at a high risk for injuries.

Fat March is the latest in a series of weight-loss shows like The Biggest Loser, which thrust heavy people into an inappropriate boot-camp environment, exercise experts say.

The participants, whose initial weight ranged from roughly 230 to 519 pounds, began by completing 65 miles in eight days of walking over a two-week period.

During the first two weeks of the march, a 274-pound female contestant quit because she said her lower back and feet hurt; a young man was rushed to the emergency room for dehydration. The heaviest contestant, the 519-pound man, was taken to the emergency room with blisters and possible stress fractures in his feet. On the second episode, when contestants were walking about 10 miles a day, several complained about aching knees, feet and ankles.“- From USA Today article – Aug 20, 2007

I submit this as another example of how fat is unhealthy.  If people over, let’s say, 230 are so healthy, wholesale with no exceptions as many people try to get me to think, what about the contestants on this show.  Experts are saying that walking several miles a day…not running…walking…is too much for these people to take physically.  If the typically healthy person could do this without injury…then doesn’t that mean that these people have compromised health?  I won’t get fractures in my feet from just walking 5-6 miles, and I’m not small or thin.


Fat Chance girls in all their glory


photo: justjared

Bless Mo’Nique’s heart, but I really don’t think this was a good idea.  Whom ever did this pic should have done a lil air brushing on this photo.  It’s not about their size, even photos of professional fashion models who appear in national magazines or in stock photography have air brushing and photo finishes applied to their shots.  In this photo, I can see every roll and dip…and maybe that is the way they wanted it…naked and not ashamed.  However, I think somethings could have be softened and it could have been more flattering without trying to hide anything.


Who’s that lady in the purple bikini?

Who is this lovely lady in the tiny bikini? Clue…Row Row Row your boat, to your Destiny.


That’s right it’s Kelly Roland. Clebslam has a lot more pics of Kelly on the Beach.

She must have one hell of a weave…her hair looks great!


Becky aka Buckwild…your ghetto pass is revoked for this mess!

What kind of slave auction ass, sudo-dating game mess is this. Potential Negro #1, Potential Negro #2…WTF. What white person in their right mind is going to play a dating game called “Know the Negro” and not realize that someone might be offended? I’m going to need Mo’Nique, Shay, and the chick who’s hair looked like fire and the rest of the african americans who were on Flavor of Love and Charm School to check this chick. For real.

Know the Negro…know that negroes aren’t going to be feeling this. Come on people…wake up. This is what happens when you let white folks get a little to familar with you. They can’t tell offensive stuff from fun stuff. We have to educate Whitey. It’s the only way they will learn. For the brothers who called in to the show to be the negros…damn…you know better than that man. You guys are encouraging this.

Becky aka Buckwild…do not pass GO, don’t collect $200, no more black dick for you…your hood pass is revoked. “Kick Rocks!”

Cowhead Show on 102.5, take the hoods off and listen a min. I don’t even have words to express how ignorant you are. However, I’m sure you’ll get many letters and calls from people who do have the words. Enjoy the free publicity while it lasts, bitches! Just because you are in a picture with a “negro” doesn’t mean shit to me. You know only a black radio show could have possibly gotten away with this…you can’t. Sure sure, it’s not fair and equal, but neither is racism.