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Fantasia in a Bikini…I don’t like

I like Fantasia but I don’t think this is a good look.  She doesn’t look horrible, but I would have chose a one piece.  maybe a 2 piece with a sarong even.  This must be an old photo.  Bossip has the rest of the pics.

fantasia bikini


Video Model Stats Measurements

Some of these women have unreal dimensions. The key is the waist to butt (thighs) ratio.

Esther Baxter 34DD-24-40

Angel “Lola Luv” Fershgenet 34C-22-40

Veronica Rodriguez 34D-24-39

Vida Guerra 34C-25-37

Summer Walker 36DD-25-39

Vivica Rayy 34C -24 -36

Vanna Black 34C-24-34

Ki Toy Johnson 36-22-36

Buffie the Body 34-28-45


Lil’ Mama looks like Lil’ Baby Bamma

Here’s my Lil Mama freestyle…your outfit is lame, your outfit ain’t poppin,  walking on the red carpet and all the jaws are dropping.  What you wearing B…whatcha whatcha wearing B?!?!?!?!

Obviously the worst dressed star on the red carpet last night for MTV’s VMAs was Lil Mama. She looked as good as Britney Spears performed. Terrible on both counts. I don’t know if she was trying to look like Little Bo Peep or Baby Hughey! This is not fashion. He looks like she’s a drag queen at one of those Balls…like she’s about to break out in a Vogue Battle. And the pasifier…blinged out…that’s horrible. Where is her stylist? Oh where or where has her fashion sense gone…oh where or where can it be???

lil mama

lil mama vma


VMAs: Britney Spears has a busted weave

I just saw Britney Spears on the VMAs and her weave was busted. They should have has a black weave specialist (someone that does Tyra or Vivica) do her weave for tonight’s lil special debut. The performance alone was sad…I’ve seen so so much better from Brit Pre-Kevin. Terrible lip sync’d performance, sub-standard dancing, and a really bad weave! On another note…her body looks pretty good. Not old Britney good…but good. She’s doing the White Girl Booty thing…with the lil shorts. Go Brit!!

britney spears vma


Booty Luv

booty luvWhy someone would pick “Booty Luv” as the name for a group is beyond me. I makes me think of something that would have the word “adult” plastered all over it. A stripper’s stage name, maybe. Anyway, it’s the moniker of a girl group from the UK that does dance music and is quite popular.

Cherise Roberts, 20, and Nadia Shepherd, 23, a ebony and ivory style duo had their ‘breakthrough’ when their debut single stormed the charts, spending a lengthy 17 weeks in the chart before dropping out of the Top 40. Cherise and Nadia were asked by the record label Hed Kandi to record a cover of the Tweet song “Boogie 2nite“, which had been a club hit in 2002, although Tweet was cited as ‘too busy’ to release the song as an actual single, and so five years later Cherise and Nadia were asked to record and promote a new version of the song. Originally, ‘Boogie 2nite’ was dubbed as just a promotional track for the record label ‘Hed Kandi’, although sixth months later in December, however, the girls’ version of the song was chosen to be released as a full-scale single following rave reviews with Club DJs on the dance scene.


Deelishis shaking her rump

Deelishis, from Flavor of Love, can actually sing very well…I don’t know why she’s doing this song.  It doesn’t showcase her talent.  But, the men will love it because this video showcases her assets.  ASSets actually.


Beyonce, they aren’t used to all that body

Beyonce Told To Tone Down Malaysian Concert….

Beyonce Knowles is the latest western artist to be warned to tone down her stage show when she performs in Malaysia later this year (07).

Students in the predominantly Muslim country threatened to boycott a recent concert Gwen Stefani performed in the south east Asian nation, because of her raunchy reputation.

Now Knowles’ concert organisers have told her to cover up onstage when she performs there in November – just days after she accidentally flashed her chest at a gig in Toronto, Canada.

Razlan Ahmad Razali, the chairman of Pineapple Concerts, says, “We’ve informed Beyonce’s management about this issue of clothes, but it takes some of the fun out of it.

“Beyonce won’t be able to do the kind of show here that she does elsewhere.

“She’s a fashion icon, and we know that she often wears miniskirts and clothes that expose her navel during her performances. It’s a pity to restrict her, because her costumes are all tasteful and glamorous”.