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She’s Feminine, Fat and Proud

BBW in Austrailia talking about weight, treatment of fat women, sizes, YouTube, abuse of women, and judgement of women.


Booty vs. Butt. vs. Ass

I thought this was too funny.  TheBachelorBlog is a trip…lots of eye candy there guys!  lol  Ya Pervs….j/k!

Word Meaning You”d Say Celebrity Example
Booty Booties of small sizes, compact and tight. The booty of our youth. ‘Look at that Cute Little Booty’ Heather Locklear, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova
Butt Main-Stream booty. The butt women get when they mature and try to stay fit. ‘Nice Butt’ Holly Robinson Pete, Kelly Robinson,  Venus Williams , Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ass What else can you call it? Check the videos on BET if you don’t know what ass is. ‘Damn! Look at that Big Fat Ass’ Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Serena Williams

Album inspired by sexy with Big Beautiful Black Women

From Gigwise: Jack Penate has revealed that his debut album has been partly inspired by a Tim Buckley record which touches on the subject of having sex with “loads of big black women.”

The cheeky cockney chap releases ‘Matinee’ through XL Records on October 1 and admits that Jeff Buckley’s dad has been a big influence on its sound.

Penate said: “Tim Buckley’s a big influence on the album. There’s this album by him called ‘Goodbye and Hello’, which I was listening to a lot before recording.

“There was another album called ‘Move With Me’, which was about having sex with loads of big black women.”

He laughed to the NME: “I was like – ‘Hey I love this album’ – Maybe it’s rubbed off on my record too.!”

In other news, Mr Penate has just released the album artwork to ‘Matinee’, which you can see above.



This was filmed a couple of years ago…I assume…from what people are wearing…lol.  However, it’s very funny and telling.

What do brothers think about the hairstyles  black women wear?  


They don’t like rollers
They like soft hair
They don’t like bald edges
They don’t like lint
No snot…LOL…what?!!?
No dandruff
They hate shower caps
They don’t like jerry curls
No greasy hair

Side Note: Godfrey is too funny…lol


Erotic Plus Size Model Hot Chocolate and her Fat Admirer (FA)

He likes the pear shaped BBWs. Bigger Bottoms, uh…ok.


yuck…when did dents in your booty become sexy

Well, it seems that my posts about big booty women have become very popular. You would think this blog was dedicated to Buffy then Body and Tasha Destiny if you saw my web traffic. sigh. So, I’m doing some research on this big booty phenomenon, and how the women aren’t even cute. Unattractive is how I could describe many of them.

I canvas the mean streets of New York looking for ladies to model their booties for CLUBBUTTS. I’m in laundry mats, on buses, trains, hair salons looking for ladies with mean butts, that hypnotize us so. ” – from webmaster

So I happen upon This is some straight up bulls***! The graphic at the top of the homepage has 3-4 booties with dents, cellulite, ripples…oh no. They can’t airbrush that out. Yuck! I actually see stretch marks people! You have to see this mess. It looks like grandma booties, old mother of the church fried chicken eating, never exercising rumps. Their motto, “You don’t know ass, like we know ass”. Well, they are right. I don’t know anything about these asses being attractive. But hey, I guess I’ll chalk it up to preference. Someone must like booties this way. I just don’t understand. These women look a mess, a hot nasty mess. If this were a site with men with big ass stomachs and hairy backs you couldn’t get females to lust over that. There wouldn’t be a website or calendar dedicated to that. Not a popular one at least. Someone needs to explain this to me. I’m clueless.


My male roomie wants you to know

Here are some things that my male roommate asked me to share with you today.  He was in a talky mood.  I’ve translated his testosterone tirade.

1. Men don’t make women hate on other women with regard to looks. We do that on our own.

2. Women who use their bodies know they have currency and they use what they’ve got to get what they want. Other women are just mad because they can’t do the same.  Who wouldn’t accept money from a man who wants to support you because you’re beautiful?

3. A man knows that if you want power you don’t sit around and bitch about how you want power…you just go and take it.  Why don’t women, who are in the majority, just take control of the media, their health, the education of their children, etc?  Oh yeah, if you can’t control how much you eat…I guess it would be hard.

4. Women should stop being hypocrites and falling all over themselves about guys who have fit, cut up bodies with six packs, all athletic.  You are not working to be the equal of a fit man, so why do you think this type of man would be attracted to you? If you like this  look so much, and your friends do to, then you know how attractive it is to be fit. Women don’t hoot and holler at men with beer bellies. If you don’t believe me, go to a male strip club.  Women act just like men (or worse) in the strip clubs.

5. Men are just trying to spread their seed. They will say, buy, and do whatever they need to do to spread their seed with most beautiful and healthy (you don’t look healthy if you are overweight from a natural standpoint) woman they can. It’s just like women who pick “alpha man” types to feel more secure and protected.  It’s just nature running it’s course.