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She’s Feminine, Fat and Proud

BBW in Austrailia talking about weight, treatment of fat women, sizes, YouTube, abuse of women, and judgement of women.


Overweight people are easily offended

I find that overweight people are easily offended. Could it be the constant teasing as a child, insecurities about what people think of their weight, and the world being blatantly anti-fat and pro-thin? Well, maybe. Of course this blog talks about weight all the time and very seldom do I hear from an overweight person something simple like…

“I hate your blog.” “I love your blog.” or “I’m happy, I don’t care what you think.”

What I usually hear in response to what I think about “fat” being unhealthy and unattractive is an essay and a list of questions.

For that reason the post below resonated with me…enjoy.

“It seems to me as though we are constantly looking for things to be offended about. Imus says something [fucked up*] stupid, let’s get him fired. Kerry makes a stupid joke, let’s lynch him.

Have we become so overly sensitive that every little thing is offensive to us? Where does this need to complain, bitch, moan and argue come from?

Sometimes I see some of the complaints that come up on blogs around the Internet, and I wonder if these people woke up, got their coffee, and sat down on the computer to search out phrases and sayings that they can complain about.

And because of how easily offended people are, the rest of us are stuck walking on eggshells.

For a country that is centered on Freedom of Speech, it seems as though we really mean “Freedom of Speech as long as you don’t say [insert your biggest pet peeve here]… or say that they have a right to say [insert your biggest pet peeve here]…””From America the Easily Offended…| Progressive U

*Added by blog owner because I can! lol



This was filmed a couple of years ago…I assume…from what people are wearing…lol.  However, it’s very funny and telling.

What do brothers think about the hairstyles  black women wear?  


They don’t like rollers
They like soft hair
They don’t like bald edges
They don’t like lint
No snot…LOL…what?!!?
No dandruff
They hate shower caps
They don’t like jerry curls
No greasy hair

Side Note: Godfrey is too funny…lol


Star, girlfriend…we all know from the way your skin is hanging

“Star Jones Reynolds says in a new interview that her dramatic weight-loss was due to gastric-bypass surgery, and that she dodged questions about it for years because she was “scared of what people might think of me.

Reynolds, 45, says she was “intentionally evasive” when people asked how she’d dropped 160 pounds in three years. The former “View” co-host opens up about her weight loss and self-esteem issues in a story featured in the September issue of Glamour magazine, on newsstands Aug. 7…

‘I used to look in the mirror and take pride in my figure, but that was when I was legitimately a full-figured woman,” she says. “I’d gradually gone from full-figured to morbidly obese'” – AP

Star Jones is the only one who cares at this point. We ALL know she had gastric…we were just waiting on her to let go of the secrecy. Damn Star, you look just like Al Roker and all the other people who’ve had the operation. All of the tale tale signs are there. Sagging skin, turkey neck, wings of extra flesh under the arms, and plastic surgery to remove all of the extra skin and lift up your sagging boobs. We understand, you should have just told us. The would knows how hard it is to be an overweight woman, we wouldn’t have hated you for wanting to be smaller. Everyone knows the status quo makes it easier for thin stars to do well in hollywood, and that regular sized, non-plus sized women have it easier in life in general. Self-esteem is a bitch…you have to do what you have to do to be happy and accept yourself. Damn the world! Good for you Star, there is no need to hide anymore!

If you are obese and you want to have gastric…that is your life and your business. However, when you drop 100 pounds in 3 months…people are going to want to know your business. Note to the wise: go ahead and tell them, because they will already have figured it out.


what do i think about mo’nique’s fat chance paris?

First of all I’d like to say that I really like Mo’Nique and I believe that I understand what she is trying to do to encourage and validate overweight women.  However, after the spectacle I witnessed last night, I just have to say that she’s barking up the wrong tree.   I don’t think it’s realistic (and to a degree it’s not fair) to lead overweight women to think that they will ever conquer the status quo of beauty in the westernized world.  Overweight women building Self esteem, self confidence, self love, and self acceptance are all things that are possible side effects of Mo’Nique’s efforts.  Shows like this may even be able to open some minds and expand what the westernized world, specifically Americans, considers to be beautiful.  But in the end, these women will not be regarded as beautiful and attractive by the majority of society.  Any effort to change the minds of the masses must be targeted at the masses.  This movement that Mo’nique has begun is in my opinion targeting overweight women, and not the greater public.  The people who love to see shows like this and people who are Big and Beautiful.  It’s like African Americans loving to see validating images of black folks on TV…even if those images do nothing to influence how we are seen or perceived in society.  It’s just nice to see a positive reflection of self.

I think it’s wonderful for big beautiful women to feel good about themselves, to love and accept their size, and to not feel shame or have self hatred.  It’s a noble quest that Mo’Nique is on, but helping these women will not change the status quo and make the world more accepting of fat women. If fat women are proud and feel good…that doesn’t mean they will be more attractive to men.  Sure there are men who love large women, bbws, overweight women.  Sure the ranks of FAs (fat admires) may increase if large women loved themselves more.  People who love themselves are always more attractive…who wants to be with someone who hates themselves.

Is a show like fat chance something that people watch to celebrate overweight women, or is it a new age sideshow with “the fat woman” being crowned.  How many people laughed at these women while watching them in full body paint and thongs?  How many bloggers are going to write about how they couldn’t even see the thongs on some of the women because of all the rolls of fat?  How many videos on youtube or photos passed around on office email systems will simply make fun of this noble effort to empower fat women?  Is this just good television?

I think that fat women just have to accept themselves and love themselves.  They should not expect the rest of the world to accept them and love them.  If they do not receive love in one instance they can have faith that not everyone is shallow and hateful, and that there are people who will love and accept them.  There are millions of people who could careless how big or fat you are, as long as you are a good person.  It’s a waste of time trying to change people’s preferences when it comes to attractiveness.  It’s also fruitless to fool yourself into thinking that people will accept you just because they should and you’ve presented a great argument, set of facts, or a great example of why a change must come.

Fat women really should take Mo’Nique’s lead in being proud of whomever they are and doing thing outside the box, things that people would not expect of them.  They should live free and happy lives, regardless of what people think.  In the end, we all have to face the opinions and preferences of others, but we do not have to be defined by  them.


Why is the elephant afraid of the mouse?

There are far more fat women than thin women. So, my question is, why don’t fat women just take over. Between the internet, email, phone calls, writing letters, etc…can’t plus-sized women start a revolution…like in your favorite movie “Phat Girlz”?


July 4th

Happy Independence Day!  Take time out to be independent from the powers that be, the Westernized beauty status quo, and any other thing that impedes your freedom.