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Booty Aerobics with Joi Ryda

I’m done…black women we need to do better…I’m done. Really…this is crazy.


booty, booty, booty booty, poppin, poppin!

Is the strip club industry so vibrant and and making so much money, such that it warrants all of these God Awful booty shake-able stripper songs. They got my ass “suicidal” waiting on some real damn music. Buy me a drink…negro, buy me a ticket to see Common, Jill Scott, or Stevie Wonder…damn a drink.

And I guess you do need to be drunk and trying to get some “working girl” to go to the Champagne room with you to understand the lyrics of these songs. What the hell is A bay bay. Negro, pro-nun-c-ate. I had to say it like that…I know that’s not a spelling…but these folks can’t spell.