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‘October Road’ Actress Hopes to Change Views on Plus-sized Women

Rebecca FieldIn an industry ruled by an obsession with the coveted size zero, the full-figured Rebecca Field is a welcome addition as a regular on October Road.  The actress plays plump barmaid Janet “The Planet” Meadows in the ABC series now on its second season.

In real life, Field has had her own experience tending bar at the Olde Heritage Tavern in Lenox, Massachusetts.  More importantly however, she recently took on the responsibility of spokesperson for a timely health cause that is also made evident by her role in October Road.

In the fall of 2007, Field signed on as spokeswoman for the non-profit group, Multi-service Eating Disorders Association or MEDA.  The outfit endeavors to educate, prevent and help treat eating disorders, something the actress considers especially relevant.

“Based on my own body image my whole life and with my role on October Road, it’s so relatable to so many women in America,” the actress declared.  “It’s all about insecurity.  My weight has always fluctuated up and down.  I’ve never officially been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I certainly have a funky relationship with food.  I was a yo-yo dieter in college.  And when I’m feeling bummed, I go to my chocolate cookie stash.”

“Hollywood is the worst,” Field added.  “It’s, ‘I have to have these clothes and weigh this much.’  It’s become crazy.  I’ve really worked on loving myself regardless of weight.”

“In real life beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the same should be true on television,” Field said in MEDA’s official site.  “It’s so important to accept and appreciate our bodies and work to keep them healthy.  It’s not about size or a number on the scale.  Slowly, but surely, we can change the way women are viewed, on and off screen.”

Her real life experience both as a member of the female species and as an actress in Hollywood has some semblance of similarity with her character’s own reality in October Road.  The overweight Janet normally becomes just one of the guys, all of whom have their own respective sexy and skinny significant others.

Recently however, Field’s October Road alter ego gave plus-sized women reason to celebrate when Janet embarked on a semi-secret affair with one of the show’s resident heartthrobs, Eddie Latekka, played by Geoff Stults.

“You are showing all the people that you don’t have to be a size two to get a hottie,” a viewer wrote on Field’s MySpace page.  “You are a role model for all women.”

“I am glad that you represent women like me,” another one said.  “I would not date my husband because I thought he would be ashamed of me.  But we have been together for three years with an 8-month-old.”

Still another fan cheered: “As one big girl to another, you rock… You can be a big girl and still get the guy in the end.”

Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MEDA, The Boston Globe
(Image Courtesy of ABC)


She’s Feminine, Fat and Proud

BBW in Austrailia talking about weight, treatment of fat women, sizes, YouTube, abuse of women, and judgement of women.


Another reason to slim down: Fat is bad for your heart

Well, Duh!!!!!

A new study involving more than 300,000 people finds that being overweight independently increases a person’s risk of coronary disease.

In other words, even if doctors could get an overweight person’s blood pressure and cholesterol down to normal, that patient would still be at higher heart risk.

The Dutch analysis involved data from 21 previous studies that included more than 302,000 people.

Of those people, 18,000 suffered heart events or deaths during the studies. After factoring in age, sex, physical activity levels and smoking, the team concluded that moderately overweight people had a 32 percent increased risk of heart disease and obese people an 81 percent increased risk compared to those who weren’t overweight. – US News


Album inspired by sexy with Big Beautiful Black Women

From Gigwise: Jack Penate has revealed that his debut album has been partly inspired by a Tim Buckley record which touches on the subject of having sex with “loads of big black women.”

The cheeky cockney chap releases ‘Matinee’ through XL Records on October 1 and admits that Jeff Buckley’s dad has been a big influence on its sound.

Penate said: “Tim Buckley’s a big influence on the album. There’s this album by him called ‘Goodbye and Hello’, which I was listening to a lot before recording.

“There was another album called ‘Move With Me’, which was about having sex with loads of big black women.”

He laughed to the NME: “I was like – ‘Hey I love this album’ – Maybe it’s rubbed off on my record too.!”

In other news, Mr Penate has just released the album artwork to ‘Matinee’, which you can see above.


Big Girls You are Beautiful…and you have a theme song

For “Ugly Betty” Mika has redone the song!  So so cute!


Fat March…so many things I can say

Some top fitness experts are angry over a new reality TV show called Fat March, which they say has contestants doing too much walking too fast, putting them at a high risk for injuries.

Fat March is the latest in a series of weight-loss shows like The Biggest Loser, which thrust heavy people into an inappropriate boot-camp environment, exercise experts say.

The participants, whose initial weight ranged from roughly 230 to 519 pounds, began by completing 65 miles in eight days of walking over a two-week period.

During the first two weeks of the march, a 274-pound female contestant quit because she said her lower back and feet hurt; a young man was rushed to the emergency room for dehydration. The heaviest contestant, the 519-pound man, was taken to the emergency room with blisters and possible stress fractures in his feet. On the second episode, when contestants were walking about 10 miles a day, several complained about aching knees, feet and ankles.“- From USA Today article – Aug 20, 2007

I submit this as another example of how fat is unhealthy.  If people over, let’s say, 230 are so healthy, wholesale with no exceptions as many people try to get me to think, what about the contestants on this show.  Experts are saying that walking several miles a day…not running…walking…is too much for these people to take physically.  If the typically healthy person could do this without injury…then doesn’t that mean that these people have compromised health?  I won’t get fractures in my feet from just walking 5-6 miles, and I’m not small or thin.


Fat Chance girls in all their glory


photo: justjared

Bless Mo’Nique’s heart, but I really don’t think this was a good idea.  Whom ever did this pic should have done a lil air brushing on this photo.  It’s not about their size, even photos of professional fashion models who appear in national magazines or in stock photography have air brushing and photo finishes applied to their shots.  In this photo, I can see every roll and dip…and maybe that is the way they wanted it…naked and not ashamed.  However, I think somethings could have be softened and it could have been more flattering without trying to hide anything.